About Us

TicrThing is the name of the brand and the product sold in this web shop. The legal company behind this brand is TicrTech. The company is registered in Belgium with company number 0682959578. 

Product History

The TicrThing started as a hobby project fueled by our passion in the blockchain technology. We’ve been immersed in the cryptocurrency ecosystem long enough to know this: everyone is (secretly) obsessed with the crypto price. We wanted to create a gadget that makes the price watch as simple as checking the time. So we built the TicrThing, which we showcased in local bitcoin communities. We then demonstrated our first prototypes to a broader audience at Maker Faires in Barcelona and Bilbao. We also ran an Indiegogo campaign, which helped fund the further development of the product. The first commercial version of the TicrThing is now available for purchase in this web shop.