TicrThing: a bitcoin display, crypto clock and price ticker gadget


The TicrThing puts the crypto price one glance away. No trend lines or complex price indicators.
What's the price right now?

* animation is not in real time

Automatically cycle pairs

Configure multiple price pairs and watch them cycle in sequence. With a single TicrThing you can keep an eye on many currencies. Enjoy your crypto playlist.

* animation is not in real time

Never miss large jumps

Set your threshold for large price jumps and see them highlighted on the display. Watch big market moves as they happen and never miss the right opportunity to make profit.

* animation is not in real time

You choose the market

While similar products show only average prices across markets, with the TicrThing you see the latest price on your chosen exchange market.


The TicrThing is your trusty crypto companion that makes the price watch as simple as checking the time.

Wi-Fi connected

Connects wirelessly to your Wi-Fi network or mobile hotspot.

Highly configurable

Choose among different currencies, exchanges, update rates, etc.

Automatic Updates

Your TicrThing fetches the latest firmware version and updates automatically.

Adaptive digit range

Price of bitcoin reached the moon? The TicrThing can still display it.

Dimmable display

Adjust the brightness of the screen to fit the ambient light conditions.

Multiple pairs

Configure your favorite pairs and cycle through them with ease.

tech specs

The TicrThing is based on the M5Stack - an IoT Development Kit featuring the ESP32 chip.


What's on the display?

Configuration settings


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TicrThing M5

Your trusty crypto companion


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